About PsihNet

The  MAD Foundation - after ten years of supporting Romanian psychiatry 'on the spot' (Craiova; country of Dolj) with courses in psychiatry, psychiatric nursing and teambuilding and with a lot of material help (buildings, beds, teaching, laboratory equipment and computers) - has changed its policy in 2002. Since then MAD has aimed at supporting psychiatry all over the country, focussing on collaborative training and supporting all professionals, including Family & Patients organisations, especially those who want to innovate Romanian psychiatric care. This new policy started in September 2002 with the invitational conference on psychotrauma (Read the  Proceedings  of this conference on this website).

PsihNet is since December 2006 one of the activities of the project  Reinforce!, financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MATRA).

PsihNet is now in development to act as a nation-wide knowledge base.

In order to further implement PsihNet, the use of Infomation and Communication Technology is mandatory since travelling is too expensive and time consuming - espessially for younger professionals and working students. However ICT is still not widespread in Romania, so special attention (and support) must be given in order to afford access to the Internet to all participants.

PsihNet aims to support all participants in Romanian psychiatry and their mutual collaboration on the following targets:

Improving Communication:

  • Offering access to relevant Infomation Sources for all professionals
  • Making Special Information available to Professionals
  • Presenting Information to the Public

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • Publishing new and providing access to existing Documents and Papers
  • Promoting and supporting Study Groups
  • Organising Training Programmes, Workshops and Courses on special topics
  • Stimulating Innovation and Research

Quality Development:

  • Implementing Quality Care standards
  • Improving Education
  • Giving Evidence Based Advices to Authorities
  • Supporting Initiatives of Patients and their Relatives



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